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About Me

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  • Hello, I'm Terian Koscik. I am a software engineer at GitHub in Long Beach, CA.
  • I have taught programming/general computer stuff at Girls Inc., Saturday Academy, ChickTech, ClojureBridge, RailsBridge, and Django Girls.
  • I've been a co-organizer of Django Girls PDX since our 2nd workshop in February 2016, and I wrote a little bit about our 3rd workshop here.
  • I've made a series of tutorials focusing on bringing fun and creativity to programming. I've presented them at PyDX, RailsConf, Act-W, DjangoCon, and CodeHer. You can follow along on your own over here.
  • I made a comic book, When Anxiety Attacks, about how therapy can help with anxiety.
  • I studied computers at Grinnell College and comics at the Independent Publishing Resource Center.
  • This website uses HTML version 4.01, published in 1999, as advances in web development since then have been superfluous.
  • This is the best cat: