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Programming Workshops

I learned to program by making pink sparkly websites about Sailor Moon. I had so much fun figuring out how to put links, music, and pretty colors on my website, I hardly realized I was learning. Years later, I realized, to my horror, that most people did not learn to program by having fun. They were expected to make things that other people had decided were important. Some didn't even know that programming could be fun.

I create workshops to not only teach people how to program, but to show them that they deserve to learn in a way that is enjoyable and personally meaningful for them.

If you're interested in presenting any of my workshops at a meetup or conference, I'm so glad! You're helping bring more delightful, weird software into the world! I just ask that you 1) let me know 2) attribute me somewhere in your presentation 3) not receive any financial compensation for the workshop.

Identifying Abuse Vectors

A workshop for software developers of any skill level and language about understanding how to prevent software from being used for abuse and harassment. Taught at RailsConf 2018, GitHub Universe 2018, and LocoMocoSec 2019.

Build-a-Bot Workshop

A workshop for Python developers who are interested in making small, creative programming projects and have never made a Twitter bot before. Taught at PyDX 2015, PyLadies PDX, PDX Code Guild, and ACT-W Conf 2016

Your First API Integration

A workshop for Ruby developers to learn how to use APIs for sending and retrieving data. Uses the Wikipedia and Twitter APIs. Taught at RailsConf 2017.

DIY Sex Robot

A workshop for beginner programmers that teaches the basics of data types, functions, and conditionals using Arduino controlled vibrators. Taught at ACT-W Conf 2016.

Surrealist Rails App

A workshop that forces Rails developers to make unusual, creative choices. Participants use a variation of the surrealist game Exquisite Corpse to create collaborative Rails apps, then present them to one another in a mockery of venture capitalism. Taught at RailsConf 2016.